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Maintaining the Character of the Landscape

Past Projects


Townhomes/Single Family Residences

Ocenwoods is comprised of 26 unit townhomes/single family residences set on 22 acres in the town of Duxbury overlooking Kingston Bay. This award winning community was featured on the cover of "Builder Magazine" for its prestigious NAHB national convention issue. Oceanwoods, the South Shore's premier townhome community, is high on a hill overlooking the Bay.

Incorporated into the landscape are natural land features and the preservation and transplanting of specimen trees which were grown on this arboretum-like setting over the previous 50 years by the tree warden of the town of Duxbury.

By applying equal attention to the arrangement of the homes on the site, as well as the architectural elements of the dwelling itself, the buildings of Oceanwoods were designed to blend with traditional planning and architectural precedents. Grouped in clusters, the 21 attached family residences-each of whose composition was carefully orchestrated to suggest a single, large house- were placed on the site, along with five individual homes, to appear as an integrated, less populated residential community. Large tracts of the original landscape remained undisturbed.

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