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Maintaining the Character of the Landscape

Past Projects

Fulling Mill Farm

Single Family Subdivisions

Fulling Mill Farm is so unique in both its beauty and location that it required innovative planning and design and the optimum in engineering expertise. From inception, meticulous attention was paid to every detail of Fulling Mill Farm. The superior workmanship and materials incorporated in Fulling Mill Lane, its drainage system and underground utilities reflect commitment to lasting quality.

The development consisted of 21 single family detached homes on 30 acres located between historic Main Street in Hingham and Fulling Mill Pond (public water supply).

This property was the first residential subdivision on the South Shore incorporating architectural and environmental standards in this environmentally sensitive and historically important location. The Hastings Companies also uncovered and authenticated one of the earliest evidences of a "Colonial Tailrace" which was used to drain water from the "Fulling Mill" Saw Mill.

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