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Past Projects

Dudley Square


Dudley Square called for the redevelopment of the contaminated Modern Electroplating and Enameling plant in Dudley Square in Roxbury, MA. Our $20 million dollar proposal beat out all other competitors for this project. The plan featured a 500-car garage that would serve a new state Department of Public Health building slated for Roxbury, 47,000 square feet for retail use, and a restaurant.

Tom works in conjunction with David Mugar as part of a partnership referred to as the Brownfields-Hastings team on numerous projects requiring hazardous waste clean-up. This partnership has a solid history of knowing how to remove dangerous metals and chemicals from contaminated soil and disposing of them properly. In turn, the resulting product is not only beneficial to the environment, but also to the local economy that can benefit for years to come from a previously unusable space.

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