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Maintaining the Character of the Landscape

Historic Preservation

Daniel Shute Homestead

768 Main Street, Hingham, MA

Situated on Glad Tidings Plain, the house was built in 1745 and rented to Rev. Daniel Shute by the builder, until he purchased it in 1752. Rev. Shute was a strong supporter of the American Revolutionary cause; and part of the Continental Congress met here once.

We maintained several original details of the home, including the large front door, the wide pine floor boards and the paneling in the corner fireplaces. The kitchen was extended to include the old well room, a pantry and a new sunroom was added as well. The antique well still functions and is even hooked up with a wooden bucket hooked to a rope and the original stone weight. In the back of the property, we constructed a large brick patio with grill and pizza oven and as well as a bocce ball court; all perfect for entertaining.

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